Monday, February 25, 2013

Building a website takes time!

Feb. 25 – The Eco-Footprint Challenge will start right after spring break on April 8, but work has already begun.

One big piece is building the framework for sharing all of the information that schools generate as they take part in the Challenge. We have created a website, built web pages for each school, devised a reporting system and, as you know since you are reading this, added a blog-central where each school can upload photos, video and reports as they go through the six-week Challenge.
Blogs are a lot like Facebook, in that you can easily sign in and write a few things, then share and let other people comment. Plus you can add photos and video just as easily as you can with other social media. And people who want to keep up with your progress can even sign up for emails.
I sure hope people take advantage of this. We can learn so much from one another, but only if we freely share and take in those great ideas!
Rich Haag
Communications director
Catawba River District

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