Monday, March 25, 2013

Countdown to the Challenge

March 25 – It's past 9 pm - after my bedtime when I was 10 and, yes, near my bedtime 5 decades later. Yet here I am, at the computer where I began my day at 5 am.
Why? Because some things are creative, fun and worth doing. Launching the Eco-Footprint Challenge website, blogs and video channel has been all three for me.

Learning SHOULD be fun!

I have learned so much .... and I am not even a student at the six Catawba River District schools that will take part in this new competition to reward learning of STEM-based skills.
From April 8 until late May, six schools in Mecklenburg and Gaston counties that serve our district along the Catawba River will see who has come up with the best ways to protect the environment at their schools. We have students learning about vermiculture, Bokashi, ozone and public relations just for a shot at winning this friendly competition.

Sign up for daily reports

Never heard of Bokashi? Not sure what vermiculture is? Well, you will have to visit our emerging website and sign up to get daily reports as our students use these and other strategies to save the world (while learning vital science, technology, engineering and math skills).
And if you can, contact one of the schools and offer your help. The kids will learn more that way, and so will you!
Rich Haag
Communications director
Catawba River District

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