Monday, April 1, 2013

Another milestone today!

April 1 – We now have all six school webpages completed and ready for the Challenge launch on Monday, April 8! Click on their links and check them out!

Getting ready for the start of the Eco-Footprint Challenge has taken a lot of work by everyone concerned - our already busy teachers and school administrators, their students and the volunteers who have agreed to help.
Just the school videos had to take several hours of planning, writing and rehearsing. You can see these 3-minute videos on each school's Challenge webpages or on our Vimeo channel. Each school website page has a short video about the school's project. The kids do a great job, and so did the people who wrote their scripts. Each video has some great moments, like the student rapper at Whitewater Middle School (who I'm fairly sure wrote his own rap) to the kids at Catawba Heights Elementary telling us, "We plan to change the world one student, one worm, one apple core at a time!"
Great moments, and we're just getting started.
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Rich Haag
Eco-Footprint Challenge communications director

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