Saturday, March 30, 2013

Making progress toward launch!

March 30 – I've been plugging away since 5:30 am on finishing each school's Challenge website. I'm getting there. To see the school pages, just click on the Eco-Footprint Challenge link.
Our goal with the Eco-Footprint Challenge is to get kids to see that they enjoy learning science, technology, engineering and math skills – and that they are good at it, too. I'm told that kids who get to middle school with those beliefs will have a much greater likelihood of pursuing careers in these fields.
I'm trying to incorporate some fun and energy into our online component of the Challenge - like with these blogs, where we can post video and photos and add daily or hourly updates if we want.
I hope you check out our videos for this project. You can find links on each school's website or visit our Vimeo video channel:
– Rich Haag

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